Jimmy Bea
Construction Co., LLC

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CUSTOMER Testimonials                            

Read what our satisfied customers and colleagues have to say about their experience with Jimmy Bea Construction Co.

I want to take this opportuniy to tell you the fine job that was done on my apartment and our entire community! JimmyB should be proud of his team. They really made my home something to be PROUD of and I have the highest regard for Jimmy and his wonderful team....                 Thank you JimmyB!

- Delores Bodendieck
New Athens, Illinois                                                                           READ MORE



I recently had the pleasure of working with one of your construction teams. JimmyB's construction and site mangagement skills were as good as his interpersonal skills. Thanks for offering thoghtful solutions to any of our questions. There was never any doubt in our minds that the quality of the project was first and foremost in your mind.....                              Thank You Jimmy B!

- Lynn Warren
Public Library-Edwardsville 
Edwardsville, Illinois                                                                                                   READ MORE


I recieved a wonderful letter of commendation on the work JimmyB did while subcontracting with my company. The language in this letter exemplifies the "Safety-Quality-Integrity" standard that we base our business on!.....                     Thank you JimmyB!

- Richard Schuetz
Berco Construction, President
Godfrey, Illinois
                                                                                                          READ MORE



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